Longing for Love from Afar

We are Brad and Liz! We were in a Long Distance relationship for a year and a half. We know how hard it is to be sexually active in a LDR. This blog helped us when we were apart and we hope it helps you now that we are together!

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Here’s a lovely re-blog of Kasey fucking for all the newbies. Isn’t she fucking adorable? And those eyes in those cocksucking pics? Fuck…


(via thedirtycouple)

you can see pet sucking on Liz’ tits ;)

Pet playing with Liz’s pussy ;)


The weekend started with Pet playing with Liz’s tits ;) She couldn’t get enough ;)

mmmm the memories ;)

We are uploading about 3 pictures a day from our threesome this past weekend with Pet! If you haven’t seen them, check out the tag here!

We have a few more, so expect them tomorrow!




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Liz couldn’t wait before she had to dive in on herself ;)